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One Cycles L.L.C.

The Idea

Singlespeed mountain biking offers a unique experience; simple, raw, challenging. And also rewarding—something that leads you to appreciate effort and commitment, but also purity and simplicity. Those characteristics of singlespeed—the feel—allow you to connect further with the trail, to respect the essence of the sport. So when we conceived of the m81, that's what we went for.

The Inspiration

After being around bikes for so many years—as riders, mechanics, racers, enthusiasts…we started questioning ourselves. What in a frame can affect your ride, can nudge it closer to perfection?

The answers are simple: precision, quality, and strength. We took the ride characteristics we felt were most important to a feeling of complete connection with the bike, and we ran with it.

Riding isn't just a hobby of ours, it's a passion. One Cycles frames are designed to appeal to those riders who appreciate the details—the deeper features that make a difference to cycling devotees.
One Cycles - Single speed Bicycles

The Result

There was nothing out there that met our vision of what it could be like. So we created our vision. Singlespeed without hype—no unnecessary features, no "coolness" without substance. Frames devised with the best handling and responsiveness in mind; there's no reason to compromise.


Steve Nowak Carmen Scala
Steve and Carmen
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